ABLO at Blog Carnival

The first edition of the Blog Carnival is now live:

The theme is CROSSINGS and there are 24 entries in this month's carnival, from Kiapara to Berlin. 

“I bought a map and drove all over / but I still don’t know / if I’ll ever get used to / looking right and shifting left..” Michelle Elvy lives on a sailboat in the Bay of Islands and edits several journals including a flash fiction zine in New Zealand. Her latest project is “Flashback: A New Zealand History in Micro Moments” for which she recently has received the New Zealand Society of Authors /Auckland Museum Library National Research Grant for 2012. The project takes as its starting point personal reflections on change and immigration, such as in the poem Latitude Adjustment. 

“Curved over islands, the world / dragged me south in a talkative year” – Tim Jones‘ s Tuesday poem “Impertinent To Sailors” tells about a transition – and recently got transformed itself: composer Brett Weymark picked it up and set it to music as choral work. Read about it in Tim Jones’ blog: Books in the Trees. 

“It is necessary to know where you come from, if you want to communicate, reach the other and build something up,” states Ablo, a musician from Burkina Fasu who is living in Milano, Italy. Berlin-based video artist Patrizia Monzani tried to amplify this idea, using simple universal symbols, in her video about him, “ABLO“. 

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