found_footage at LENS

LENS: Italian videoart observation point on VisualcontainerTV

A special selection from VISUALCONTAINER Italian Videoart Distributor

5 Aprile - 2 Maggio 2011
Only on VisualContainerTV

Curatorial statement:
We’re assisting with ever-growing doubts to the dramatic social and geographical events that are currently taking place in the European Union members, as having understood that what happens in any part of the Global Village will eventually affect all the others.
Also the world of contemporary art is being pushed by the urgencies of an ever-growing mixing up of several technologies and media languages, which overlap and join with the network of our daily life as ordinary people. And so, within such a confusion and restirring puzzle where ecological pressures melt with identity and global life urgencies that absolutely need responding, Italian videoart can become an effective observation point over what’s topical with both Italy and the wider image of Europe and beyond.
As multi-faceted as the social-cultural kaleidoscope of our contemporary age, the videos on show, listing among the latest additions to VisualContainer’s archive, become a magnifying lens of what’s happening around us: sometimes by creatively magnifiying small and ordinary pieces of daily life, other times by introducing us to more complex art visions which are full of lyrism, the authors are here travelling from the microcosme of our inner and proximal space to the greater stage of the society we’re developing with other inhabitans, in and out the national borders, in the present time and already out in the near future.

Video Selected:

Rebecca Agnes
4:02, 2010

Alessandra Arnò
3:14, 2010

Barbara Brugola
Wrapped Love
3:49, 2010

John Criscitello
Il bacio azzurro
5:41, 2010

Iginio De Luca
1:49, 2010

Jacopo Jenna
Lux Aeterna
4:00, 2010

Maria Korporal
A Midwinter Night's dream
3:38, 2010

Luca Christian Mander

2:52, 2010

Albert Merino
The trace of salt
7:40, 2010

Patrizia Monzani
Found Footage
5:21, 2010

Marzia Moretti
Azione sovversiva minima 16, 2008-2010

VisualContainerTv is the first Web Tv entirely devoted to the International videoartworld.
A project by VisualContainer, the first videoart Italian distributor.
The channel is welcoming solo and group exhibitions and festivals under the care of curators from all over the world only on invite.

Formats presented : Exhibitcontainer - SpecialOne Monography - Interview.

Art Director: Alessandra Arnò
For info about VisualcontainerTV contact:

found_footage at Studio 75

Studio 75 | April 14 – 16 |
Screening Friday April 15, 7 pm
Thursday April 14, 6 - 9 pm for the opening
Friday April 15th, open to view 5 - 7 pm, screening at 7.30
Saturday April 16th 12 - 6 open to view
To attend the screening, please book a place by emailing

Assemblage, collage, appropriation, remix, mash-up.... From its venerable history of engagement by the Dadaists, collage and appropriation have long been exciting artistic processes. Yet in view of recent legal cases involving well known artists, the ethics of appropriation are being scrutinized more than ever.
Meanwhile, copyright law is struggling to keep up with digital technology's ease and speed in remixing and reassembling sounds, images and clips. At the same time, radical underground artists and film makers draw attention to the process of remixing as a political act. The possibility of transformation of the detritus of culture into new forms are almost endless.

Featuring work by Deborah Fisher, Gillian McIver, Glenn Ibbitson, Nicholas Wright, Lorena Balbinot, Nazir Tanbouli

Creating art out of existing materials: ripping it up, reassembling and remaking can be political, and it can be poetic. "rip it up, mash it up, stick it up!" explores many aspects of the artworks that come about as a result of the process of re-assemblage, collaging, appropriation and remixing. The event presents a group exhibition of paper collage, along with a screening of short films.

April 15 at 7 pm, including a special presentation of Human Remains by Jay Rosenblatt, which uses archival material to “tell” the story of the private lives of history’s most horrific leaders.

Featuring films by Margarita Athanasiou, Patrizia Monzani, Harriet Macdonald, Rafi Nizam, Howard Cohen, Tim
Baker, Gillian McIver, Enzo Perin, Nazir Tanbouli.

Studio 75 is a working studio and an artist space, located on the ground floor of a block of flats in Haggerston, East London. It is the studio of film-makers Andrea Luka Zimmerman and Gillian McIver, photographer Lasse Johansson and painter Nazir Tanbouli, who have founded the studio as an artist-run space.

found_footage et Embers au Festival VIDEOFORMES 2011

found_footage et Embers à la 26ème édtion du festival international Vidéoformes de Clermont-Ferrand.

Vidéoformes est une manifestation dédiée à la vidéo et aux cultures numériques qui présente projections d’art vidéo, conférences et tables rondes, performances, expositions, et installations dans l’espace public.
Le festival contribue à la promotion de toutes les pratiques artistiques innovantes des cultures numériques et favorise les rencontres et le partage autour de ces pratiques, de leurs singularités et de leurs enjeux.
La manifestation constitue une vitrine de l’actualité de la création numérique internationale où dialoguent des œuvres de jeunes artistes et d’artistes plus reconnus dans le monde de l’art contemporain.