of the magazien GEDANKEN-STRICH at NOWPINK
Zehdenicker Str. 12A - 10119 Berlin

Gedanken-strich is a project, which Patrizia Monzani and Chiara Trivelli started in Berlin in 2005, first through the open-platform, then with the printed issue of the magazine and later promoting events and exhibitions.

Collecting the work of more than 50 artists, from different countries and using different media, we created a net of artistic participation and interaction.

Monday, the 24 of January, 9 pm

Sergio Amico in concert
Italian music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and more…
Sergio Amico is a songwriter from Venice Italy. His songs are talking about love, beeing homesick, friendship lost and found. After a four years experience in Paris he currently lives in Berlin.

Wednesday, the 26 of January, 8 pm
plan b's cup of tea
Who are plan b? what do they get up to? what's their cup of tea? The british performance duo, Sophia New and Daniel Belasco Rogers, talk about their work to date.

Thursday, the 27 of January, 8 pm
Beate Kunath shows her films:

mongrel bitch
Germany 1997, 5min
A music clip by Beate Kunath

Bolek & Lolek Ouverture
Germany 1996, 3min
A music clip by Beate Kunath

chance to seal our love
Germany, 1997, 42min
A film by Beate Kunath
It is the anniversary of Stonewall, issues of same sex marriage and gay and lesbian rights are being discussed in Chemnitz.
Juliana is young, dynamic, single and loves women. Marleen has just finished a relationship and is now taking care of her child
on her own. Juliana and Marleen keep meeting by coincidence again and again. This is the beginning of a new love period.

the walk
Germany 1997, 6min
a film by Beate Kunath and Steven Flower
"the walk" is made on a day off, maybe a holiday. The film is made as a awareness game, with the sound in the background, the object is to begin to develop your own images of the film in your head.

forbidden fruit
Germany / Zimbabwe 2000, 30min
A film by Sue Maluwa Bruce, Beate Kunath, Yvonne Zückmantel
is a film about two female lovers, Nongoma and Tsitsi.
From the rural area in Zimbabwe. Lesbian relationships are very much a taboo in Zimbabwe, and when their secret affair is discovered, Nongoma runs away from her village to the city. Meanwhile, Tsitsi's family are convinced she is possessed by an evil spirit. Two years later, the two women meet again by chance in Mutare....

original message
Germany 2002, 18min
A film by Beate Kunath
Petra is on her way back from Amsterdam, The Netherlands to Chemnitz, Germany. She is travelling by train, reflecting on a long-distant relation to a woman she loves. explores the idea of past reflection with the forward
movement of the train.

the moon and his two wives
Germany 2002, 1:45min
A film by Beate Kunath and Patrizia Monzani
A oral story is been told as an animation.

Friday, the 28 of January, 9 pm