Stadt-Fisch at CALLING IZMIR

Special Guest: Italian Videoartists 
A project of: Nail Ozlüsoylu 
c/o Izmir University of Economics 
Gallery 20/20 
IZMIR, Turkey 
9/14 January 2012 

Video selection: 
By Visualcontainer (Giorgio Fedeli) 

Elena Arzuffi 
Domestic parkour

04' 32"
Supported by a narrative array where the real world combines with evocative animation, this work enthrals from the very beginning with an appealing resolving of visual associations and complementary soundtrack. In the end, after pleasing the senses with a development which traps with no possible escape, the video does bring along a time for reflection about very open interpretations on the meaning of the characters, their stories and settings. 

Maria Korporal 
Passing by

07' 39"
2008 S
The video begins with a shot of the crowd strolling by and shopping on a Saturday afternoon in Rome. Movements and the sound of traffic keep accelerating till they melt into a soft and vague reality with indistinct sounds. This is the scenery in front of which a second environment arises, a sort of parallel world: a realm of animals – some monkeys, a giraffe, a turtle – involved in their daily activities. Everything seems pleasant and quiet. The shopping crowd is nothing but an abstract and faded background, yet at different times it intervenes through irritating fragments of images and sounds. In the meanwhile, some tickets come slowly falling to the ground. A wise and quiet turtle makes her way through the crumpled pieces of paper which come gathering on the ground. A horn suddenly disturbs the overall serenity: the overbearing rushing of cars takes back to the stage and obliterates all the rest. 

Pietro Mele 

11' 46"
Daybreak. A group of men riding on horseback is slowly swallowed by a poisons factory. This work ponders upon the environmental and socio-anthropological effect of the massive industrial plant in Ottana, a desert area within the Barbagia territory in Sardinia. The video wants to emblematically play the synthesis of the opposed matching between rural life and industry. 

Patrizia Monzani 

05' 00"
Three people skim one another without ever meeting, their thoughts and voices overlap, their strophes keep repeating. They suppose to be lonely in a strange and hostile city as they are simply unaware of what’s around them. 

U.S.O. + Selfish 
Girl Running

9' 00"
In the track Girl Running, a dialogue is established between the sounds synthesized with Xenakis' UPIC and the sound outputs of invisible electronic objects. By carrying these magnetic fields into the audible range, the sounds have been suspended, intimately researched, orchestrated, in order to cross the physical borders of aural perception.