Stadt-Fisch at Outcasting: A Century of Artists Film

Oriel Mwldan, Cardigan, 21 May – 2 July 2011

Curated by Michael Cousin (Outcasting): “The ability to understand and bestow importance to moving images is embedded in the cultural psyche. From cinema, television and the Internet there is an endless stream of content to view, one that we can never hope to keep up with. A hundred films to see before you die. A thousand. A hundred thousand. But the beauty of this is choosing your own hundred, your own thousand. You make your own list.

For this show Outcasting, the online moving image gallery is screening a hundred films from those that it has screened in three years of programming. The films come from a variety of genres and styles and hopefully reflect the full breadth of artists engagement with this medium. Over the course of the 43 days that the show will be running audiences will be able to see a truly international range of work with the 100 films being rotated throughout that time.”

Featuring Edward Adam, Louise Adkins, Simon Aeppli, Beard & Ferguson, Beck & Calvo, Birkbeck & Duffy, Andrew Bucksbarg, Dana Cooley, Leandro Cordova, Anne-Marie Creamer, Herve Constant, Boldi Csernak, Gordon Culshaw, David Cushway, Ron Diorio, Sarah Doyle, Antonello Faretta, Kim Fielding, Hondartza Fraga, Rabab Ghazoul, Dave Griffiths, Henry Gwiazda, Anton Hecht, Tetsushi Higashino, Richard Higlett, Sam Holden, Stephanie Hough, Neale Howells, Ronee Hui, Olga Koroleva, Yaron Lapid, Derek Larson, Lemeh 42, Rebecca Lennon, Lauren Moffat, Patrizia Monzani, Kika Nicolela, Daniel & Marianna O’Reilly, Stephen Palmer, Robert Pearre, Guilherme Pedreiro, Yannick Puig, Nicolas Ramel, Giulia Ricci, Liz Rodda, Henrique Roscoe, Jennie Savage, Selina Shah, James Snazell, Lisa Stansbie, Alysse Stepanian, Jacki Storey, Jennie Thwing, Katri Walker, Kim Walker, Anders Weberg, Christopher Webster, Jessica Westbrook, Rachel Wilberforce, Tina Willgren and Dawn Woolley.

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