VIDEO: Embers

miniDV, 5 min

a video by: Giordana Guerriero, Francesca Maccarrone, Patrizia Monzani, Nicola Trabucco
performers: Christian Quagli, Barbara Romano
coreography: Ilaria Magonzi
a Lithos19 production:, 2010

Embraces preventing and blocking, without withholding neither receiving.
Little blackmails and words which are not shouted, but whispered. Nevertheless they hurt, slowly and almost with indifference. Those words remain blocked under the skin and from there they begin consuming and corroding until they arrive into depth.
In all relationships violence is not as obvious as the flame of a fire vibrating and breaking out in a short time; sometimes violence is underneath, it is less obvious from the outside, it is hidden but daily present, and painfully corrosive. It is like a weak small flame consuming energy from the embers, transforming everything into ash. The hand which is caressing is the same one that is hiting; the whispering voice is the same one which is insulting.
The curtains with whom the "offensive" art pieces were hidden, also hides the sick intimacy of the couple, which the frame is isolating from the rest of the world, locking it inside an exclusive space in which the dynamics of a distorted relationship are developed. This condition is imperceptible for those which do not belong to this exclusive feature, but it is often not even perceived by the couple suffering that violence.

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