miniDV, 3 min
a video by Patrizia Monzani, 2009
realized with the contribution of the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rabaudengo

Ablo is a musician from Burkina Fasu who is living in Milano, Italy.
Tradition is for him the most important thing, and he is trying to find a balance between fidelity to his own culture and the need of making some changes in order to transmit it.
"You were born in your parents' hands": it means you comes from a very specific place, a family, a culture. This is not as obvious as it may seem, because it is necessary to know where you come from, if you want to communicate, reach the other and build something up; but also in order to be able to come back one day.
I tried to amplify this idea, using simple and universal symbols, which can be immediate and evocative, with the technique of sand animation, whose colors and texture could refer to an african aesthetics, which is actually completely filtered by my imagination.

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