Opening 18/19/20 May 2010
18.30 - 21.00

Via Confalonieri 11
Milano isola
Cortile interno - ring 43

Screening Video: 31 artists Vs 20mq

This project origins from the will of sharing with the Milan environment (and beyond) the international projects and events that we have produced with our partners all over the world, as well as from our pleasure in promoting Italian artists.

[.box] is the space that offers a special eye over the Italian and international videoart circuit, an interface with passionate and professional videoart followers joining the Milan area with the vaste international network dedicated to video and new media art.


31 artists Vs 20mq

Rebecca Agnes
Barbara Agreste
Francesco Arena
Riccardo Arena
Alessandra Arno'
Elena Arzuffi
Barbara Brugola
Anita Calà Testarossa
Silvia Camporesi
Pascal Caparros
Daniela Di Maro DDM
Iginio De Luca
Nicola Giunta
Maria Korporal
Luca Christian Mander
Pietro Mele
Patrizia Monzani
Sabrina Muzi
Tomoko Nagao
Christian Niccoli
Matteo Pasin
Cristina Pavesi
Mauro Romito
Sabrina Sabato
Natalia Saurin
U.S.O. + Selfish
Lino Strangis
Enzo Umbaca
Dubravka Vidovic
Angelina Voskopoulou
Alessia Zuccarello

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