FACE FESTIVAL Festival of Art Creativity Ecoculture

Catona - Ecolandia, Reggio Calabria (Italy)
1/7 August 2009

Visualcontainer has been invited to present a special selection relevant to Italian Artists at FaceFestival.

The Exhibition take place in Catona, Reggio calabria and is organized by a video screening compilation and a video installation project of Francesco Arena, BREATH. 2008

Video Installation of 4/23 videos

For the RESPIRI/BREATHS project, the artist has produced a series of 23 videos from 2004 till 2008: each of them is interpreted by a different male or female character, under the wish of expressing two-colour obsessions of faces breathing behind a glass, often brought out to constrained but touching emotional feelings. Each video has been interpreted by 23 international musicians from different areas, who have composed brand new sound tracks for the occasion.

Compilation Video:

Rebecca Agnes
The Big Bean that landed on Earth
Video animazione. Musica di Jermozero.
04' 00" 2008

Barbara Brugola
Finger 2.0
Animazione 2009

Maria Korporal
Passing by
7'39" 2008

Natalia Saurin
Happily even after
3'20" 2008

Alessandra Arnò
Save ours Souls
02'46" 2008

Luca Christian Mander
03'40" 2009

Pascal Caparros
06' 04" 2007

Matteo Pasin
03' 41" 2006

Patrizia Monzani
5' 00" 2006

Iginio De Luca
04'10" 2006

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